Speak-Easy DJ Mixes

We used to have a system of Patronage where it would throw up a load of Banking Demands – we quickly grew disillusioned with this. We realised that, financially, everyone is in the same boat and we did not want to set up a system of recurring payments. the old system would have tied you into a commitment.

A New System Of Patronage

We have a new system of Patronage for the Sound Of Wonder radio show. If you dig what we do, then feel free to chip in for the price of a coffee. I quite like double espressos at the minute and the amount I suggest for sponsoring me is around that ($3). This is just a no obligation way of tipping me for the radio show. No recurring payments!

When we had the old system, we were doing a series of speak-easy DJ Mixes. We will continue with the DJ mixes but make them available for free for you to listen to them. On these DJ Mixes, I play some of the music that you will have heard on the radio show but it is presented afresh.

Speak-Easy #2 – World Music DJ Mix

DJ Scooby's Speak-Easy #2 The second instalment! We are getting a bit closer to what we hope these DJ Mixes will sound like - with the change of Patronage, to a less of a commitment, we will be giving these mixes away for free to stream. We...

Speak-Easy #1

DJ Scooby's Speak-Easy #1. The first of many. The Speak-Easy DJ Mixes are patron-only content - so, if you have the ears for this then there is a good vibe going on. If you have any ideas for what you want me to play then get in contact with me at...