Metal sans Frontières

Metal sans Frontières: Metal sans Frontières is a Heavy Metal night held in Harrogate to raise money for Doctors Without Borders (MSF/Medicins sans Frontières). Held infrequently at Harlow Hill Club – College Street Harrogate – the name of the night is held in blackened reverence.

The night takes its format as a pre-booked open decks night. The only remit is that the music played is rockin’.

We cater for Hair Metal, Punk, Glam, Black Metal, Thrash Metal and all the associated sub-genres in between. If you like your music loud and raucous then come along to the event and help raise life-saving money for MSF. To see when the events are taking place, please see our Facebook page, contactable HERE.

There are games held throughout the night – including the legendary Air Guitar Competition!

We have the good fortune to be part of a wider team helping Staff Nurse Andy Dennis try and raise some much-needed funds for MSF. You can read about Andy’s efforts on his blog Andy is a Staff Nurse at Harrogate District Hospital. He also works with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), helping people all over the world who are suffering through conflict, natural disaster, epidemics or denial of health care options.

In 2005 he decided that he wanted to commit a significant part of my life to Doctors without Borders. He’d already worked on four separate projects in Africa and have helped to raise funds between these missions. Now he wants to raise £100,000 to help MSF with their incredible work.