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Exotica DJ Harrogate

Exotica DJ Harrogate: I have a syndicated radio show that gets broadcast around the world – I am friendly with a number of stations in the UK and in America. My show is often on the Graveyard shift – weirding out the insomniacs in the area. I play down-tempo tunes on my radio show.

However, if you need an exotic DJ for your gig in North Yorkshire then please get in contact on the Contact Page as I can be booked to turn up to your event with a PA and my equipment. This will get lively. I have a wide selection of World Music Dance records: everything from Turkish Dance Dub to Morrocan Rave, Chinese Future-Step to Peruvian Surf.

Vintage DJ Harrogate

I have some pedigree as a Vintage Dj in Harrogate – I have a residency at Major Tom’s (on The Ginnel – see map) every second Sunday of the calendar month. We raise some much-needed funding for Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicins sans Frontieres). I play a laid back selection of tunes that aid in the passing of a fine time with winning pizza and good beer. Come down and help the afternoon swing.

I am also available to DJ your event – from vinyl. So, if you have a soiree that needs a touch of vintage elegance please see me on the Contact Page.

Major Tom's